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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. >> skies are cloudy, but rain is on the way, we will talk about that coming up. we will have more on why this weekend's stormy weather is the source of the problem. a horrifying attack, the victim, a disabled autistic girl, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, december 4th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, steve is right there, should we leave the house with an umbrella? >> yes. this is a much weaker system, so let's make sure we know that first and foremost. it is mainly a cloudy day, we have to wait for the rain to get here and that will not be anything compared to what we had over the weekend and we will talk more about those totals, here is tara. we are looking at highway 4 and traffic is moving nicely through orinda. this is the oakland coliseum, 880, no delays to report, let's head back to the desk. muni underground service is starting back up again after last night's electrical
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meltdown which shut everything underground. you must got brand-new information, so what is the news. >> reporter: well dave i just got off the phone with the spokesperson and he said crews work overnight until 1:30 this morning and they were able to fix this power outage problem and is your way trains will be running as scheduled. they had some plans in place but those are no longer in place and this is all as a result of the power outage at the haven't necessary -- vannesque station. they are showing us the blown transformer and crews worked throughout the night to make sure everything was backup and running. they are looking at rain damage
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which caused the damage. it is part of muni's infrastructure and service had to stop just before 6:00 last night. of course it was a headache, many of them were packed into buses to get home and many were caught off guard by the shut down. >> i don't know about it and i had a french class after work. >> muni was looking at having limited service but again, the word that came down from muni spokesperson and service just began at 5:00 this morning. the station here just opened up its doors. live here in san francisco, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. just before that outage, a woman in a wheelchair was hit by a muni streetcar and was dragged. the unidentified woman was rushed to the hospital with
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life-threatening injuries. we are on storm watch again, the rain expected is already sparking fears of land slides. hills already waterlogged and the u.s. geological service is expected to be there because of problems with hillside. they are trying to beat clock before the rain returns and allie rasmus is here to explain why some lanes on highway one are shut down today and how drivers will be affected, allie? starting at 9:00 this morning, this intersection from this intersection all the way out to the northport tall bridge -- north portal bridge area, they will have them in effect and they will need to do that in order to stabilize and prevent further erosion after this weekend's heavy rain.
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another storm is expected to pass through our area and cal trans is supposed to get that work done before the storm hits. they are scheduled to open in february of next year and its opening has been delayed at least a few times. initially it was supposed to open a year ago and then they said it would open this month and now it is 2013 when it is supposed to be complete. it is supposed to be completed and hopefully they will get it done. these one way traffic controls all the way out to the northport tall bridge area, they will be in effect until 3:00 this afternoon. ktvu channel 2 morning news allie rasmus. the rain led to this huge sinkhole in lafayette. the shine of generator lights filled the neighborhood as crews made temporary repairs to
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mountain drive. rushing creek water damaged the road and some utility lines and some people what live there are affected. >> this is very much expected and we are grateful the city is on it and things are happening. -- things are happening. >> now the road is not expected to be fixed until at least next spring. >> oakland police will tell us about an arrest made for the beating of an autistic teenage girl. we have no other details right now. the 16-year-old girl left the center at oakland last tuesday. they followed her and lost site of her -- sight of her. she was found two days later on a muni bus in san francisco. her family said she was badly beaten and sexually assaulted. >> by looking at the bruises i
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know what happened and the police know what happened and the police are not discussing this with me. >> the white house is rejecting the latest republican cliff proposal. they have a counteroffer to the one president barack obama proposed. coming up, what the white house says is missing in the republican proposal. also this morning, they will meet with the bipartisan group and reportedly they met with congress to work on a solution to the fiscal cliff. in the afternoon they will meet with house speaker john boehner and governor jerry brown is not in that group. tara is back, you know all about our commute, what is happening in pacifica. well, to the northport tall bridge, they are able to
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stabilize that weak spot. right now we will take a live look headlights are flowing nicely as you make your way towards the mcarthur maze. up next, we have 880 up near the oakland coliseum, same story staff is flowing very nicely. it is dark up there but take my word for it, traffic is flowing nicely, 5:07 let's check with steve. ukiah announced they can't hold a candle to what was there. heavier amounts will not be to the north. any rain on already saturated soil will need to be watched. one to two will cover it, i think this system will weaken considerably. it doesn't mean we will not get
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more rain. the pattern will change, there could be some morning drizzle in some of the higher elevations and rain in the north bay, you can see it there having returns near clover dale, winds near clover in the north lake and near south of that, there is a lot of cloud cover and it would not take much. it is out ahead of that system, much, much weaker. no doubt about it, they are closer to 50. a lot of cloud cover, not much to that, that is the want the will have to come in tonight and tomorrow. and that will give us some lighter rain. light rain to the north late tonight into wednesday morning and then after that we can say goodbye, the pattern will change, from 6 to 2, we should cover the pattern here. clearing out thursday, friday and saturday, there is going to be a lot of fog out there and
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that will be sunday into monday and cooler as well. there was a new video released the night trayvon martin was shot and killed and we have more on how trayvon martin's family is responding. parents are saying they are really worried about this, we will explain. it is dark out there and we will have more traffic coming up.
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. people are voicing their concern about building a new airport. they are talking about building a recreational building just 150 feet from the airport at smith ranch road. now some say the location is a safety threat and has environmental impacts. just last month, a small plane crashed while attempting to take off. >> it will bring noise and light to a very quiet part of the marsh. new this morning, iran is claiming it has captured a u.s. drone. iranian state television showed the drone and it captured the drone after it entered over the
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perfect hand -- persian gulf. some drones have been lost into the sea in the past but have not done down reasonly and other country also have scan eagle drones. they are turning down the latest with the fiscal cliff crisis. opponents say they will not bulging. >> reporter: house republicans want big spending cuts but no tax rate increases. here is a picture of president barack obama answering questions on twitter about the fiscal cliff. he is promoting a reference to the estimated tax increase and middle income families would see if rates are not extended, the latest would extend tax cuts for everyone including americans and who the president wants to exclude. the white house says the proposal is too short on
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specifics. >> we can't guess what they are, they need to tell us and they look forward to the time when they are specific with the ways we have dealt with it. >> they don't like what republicans want to do to social security and more on that during my next update. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:14 in florida, they have released a photo of george zimmerman, showing george zimmerman with a swollen nose and blood did i face. they responded and said it adds nothing new to the case. the volunteer watch man is charged with second-degree murder and his trial is due to begin next june. contra costa police officer was taken to the hospital after an attack. it happened at the college
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yesterday morning. he was hit in the face with a small metal object. she was taken to the hospital but police believe the incident was a targeted attack but they have no suspects. and samsung is asking the court to throw out a 1 billion- dollar verdict against it. they will ask the court to increase what sum sung should pay. they have to pay another half a billion dollars and they need to be permanently banned from selling more than 2 dozen devices and apple is infringing on its patent. coming up, 5:24, the qualities, some say they want to see in the next police chief. meantime a plan to give low income teens free muni passes may be approved today. they may approve a $1.6 million
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plan to offer free passes. it is part of a new million dollar grant to pay for this pilot program which if approved it would last about 16 months. time now 5:16. >> we have a car blocking the off ramp. it does not appear to be an accident so we are wondering why the two cars have stopped. milpitas, we do not have any backups to report at this hour and of course that will changeover the next hour or -- change over the next hour or so. traffic is flowing well in both directions. you can see it is smooth sailing into san francisco and again it will change right around 6:00 this morning. 5:17 let's check in with steve. up in mendocino county,
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this system is much weaker. there will still be some rain, everything stays north of santa rosa and even that might be a little overdone and that seems to be the dividing line. calistoga, everything stays up and later today some of that will dip down and then it kind of stays there and starts stay and we will get some approaches but nothing like we had over the weekend. there are some areas that are already pretty soaked. so far it is staying there and we can't find much in the north bay but not because it has not happened but so far nothing is showing up.
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50s on the temperatures, that is a key. cloudy light rain to the north. temperatures are with a southeast wind except to the north where they are already socked in. vallejo, napa, a little warmer, they would not be surprised, a little cooler to the north not bad to the south, rain will take us and it's out of here. thursday friday, inland saturday, with your weekend in view, it looks cooler and windy. european markets opened with gains and that bucks the trendset by most -- trend set by most markets overnight. only china finished with gains as it is bouncing back from a four-year low. futures indicate a four-year low, no big moves but what we
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saw is them testing the 13,000 level but the nasdaq and s&p 500 all slipped a bit yesterday. oracle will play quarterly dividends and it is an effort to avoid tax hikes for its investors. it will pay dividends to total 18 cents a share. starting in january, they will tax it as order income unless they reach a compromise on federal spending. time now 519, could it be a new job for hillary rodham clinton, after stepping down for secretary of state. and the biggest gain for the head coach, why they are on a leave of accident tort team. you can wake up every morning, get the top stories sent straight to your cell phone, every week day morning, 6:00 a.m. you can get your wake-up call
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broncos without him but he will be with them for the game. he immediately reimbursed the county for more than $12,000. san jose mercury news found he used a taxpayer credit card to pay for personal expenses, including golf fees and rental car fees. he will reimburse the county within 30 days. he is disputing some of the charges including a $2,500 donation to the district. a new police chief has a series of public meetings and last night the city held the third of four public meetings to see what qualities they want to see in the next police chief. this while experiences arise in crime, there -- a rise in crime, there are staffing problems and moral is low.
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>> we need somebody to come in that has a vision that will take us into the future. >> now, chris moore plans to retire in january almost two years after he took the job. the final search will end next thursday. and bloomberg thinks hillary rodham clinton will be a good person to replace him. blockberg called secretary of state hillary rodham clinton and asked her to enter the race. reportedly she told him she is not interested in the job. she is still widely seen as a presidential candidate in 2016 but still she said she is not going to run. they are fighting the decision to shut down the operations. he does not plan to give up but
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the operating permit expired. the company will have to leave within 90 days and the area will return to wilderness. some are allowing people to return overdue fines in an unusual way. they are operating a project they call food for fines. people who return books or dvds late can give food. they will be donated and they are also accept being donations from people who just want to do a good deed. let's check in with tara who is in for sal castaneda. every morning we see that sort of congestion but it is starting just now so be aware of it. and at the 880 interchange traffic is flowing nicely on
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280 and 880. on the right-hand side, those brake lights are moving and folks are driving on to fremont. it is 5:26 let head to steve. eventually we will get something out of this but again this is much weaker than the three we saw over the weekend. carry an umbrella, i don't think you will need it this morning but it looks like late tonight and we will keep an eye on things to the north, it looks like a 10th of an inch to an inch in this one, pam. a car burst into flames, what police discovered at the scene and why they are now calling it suspicious. police are responding to a burglary in progress and are
5:28 am
surprised at what they find. this is a story you will only see on 2. we are live in san francisco covering the commute. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. visit us on facebook. . welcome being it is tuesday december 4th, we want to check in with steve paulson, rain is
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coming in but not as bad. are you calling it a storm? >> no, i'm not. last week, yes, that was a storm. >> okay. >> now it does not mean we have to keep an eye on things but in the north bay one inch could fall. it is starting to rain up towards mendocino and there are some holes but we will get some rain out of it. highs today on the mild side, low-to-mid 60s, here is tara in for sal castaneda. you can see headlights, a steady stream of them headed westbound towards concord and this is a look at 101 in san francisco, same story but in about a half hour, we should start to see the roadways picking up, let's head over to the desk. we are following developing news. police are investigating a suspected marijuana grow house. jeanine della vega has some
5:32 am
exclusive video and is on the scene. jeanine? >> reporter: police are wrapping up their investigation and this all took place here at this home which is an indoor very sophisticated indoor marijuana grow house. they thought there was a burglary in progress because they saw three cars parked in front and people loaded property and when police arrived in east san jose, they found the front door opened and hundreds of harvested marijuana plants but in the a bathroom -- bathroom, they found jugs and were overcome with fumes and it turned out to be fertilizer. they say this house was set up specifically to grow marijuana. >> we found a watering system, lots of extra bulbs and everything they need to do a
5:33 am
very solve fit dated indoor -- sophisticated indoor grow. >> reporter: we did see a dog in the garage and now police went into the backyard and they did notice that the people who have set this whole system up have actually tapped into the wires from pg&e so that the power company would not get suspicious to see why these people were using so much power to light up all those plants and grow them. they also collected transformers for the evidence and they are wrapping up their investigation collecting everything and of course the narcotics unit will be coming back out here trying to track down who actually is responsible for this system. reporting live from san jose, jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. happening right now, good news, service back, it is back on san francisco's downtown muni metro subway.
5:34 am
a transformer shut everything down for hours. live at the station, we have the latest from the mta, what are they saying? >> well, they are back to normal and that's the guide news from commuters -- good news from commuters. they will be running on regular schedules following last night's issues and what happened last night it was caused by a short here at the station, a blown transformer halted subways on track but they did have everything back up and running according to the mta spokesperson. everything was stopped just before 6:00 last night of course it was a headache for tens of thousands of commuters. one rider i spoke with said he was glad things are on track
5:35 am
again but yesterday's shut down was certainly frustrating. >> it means a lot but people were certainly caught off guard, very much. a lot of bart employees were telling people muni was not running underground. >> reporter: that blown transformer that caused last night's problem is part of muni's infrastructure and they are looking at the possibility that last night's storm caused the out and. but -- outage but according to the spokesperson, they say all the subway trains are backup and running at normal schedule, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have had some time to dry off and clean up and another round of rain is coming in. we have been talking about it tonight and as steve mentioned it will not be as bad as last weekend and will not be as
5:36 am
widespread. most of santa rosa could see an inch or two of rain. now one school was closed and plans to reopen after a huge cleanup. maintenance workers at white hill middle school had to rip out the carpets. mud flowed in because of an overflowing culvert clogged by brachs. the damage branches. the damage is expected to be in the thousands. police say it happened sunday night. he still to come pewter and other -- computers and other electronics that were recovered during his arrest. he was on probation for burglary and now he is facing new burglary charges. and the judge is blocking and banning psycho therapists to change the sexual
5:37 am
orientation of gay minors. now the judge ruled that the first amendment rights outweigh the concern that this practice is posing a danger to young people. well as the new legislative session began in sacramento, democrats are enjoying a super majornity. democrats have a two thirds majority in the state assembly which means they can pass legislation without any republican votes. >> some would call us the super minority party which is on the sidelines. >> this is a super majority and we intend to use it with purpose and with humility, with purpose and with great strength. >> now it is also interesting that the super imagine joyty could be short lived but they
5:38 am
are expected to leave their seats. new video of a suspicious fire which happened in san leandro at 3:00 this morning. the car's tires had been stripped and the incident is now under investigation. big changes could be coming in contra costa. today county supervisors are considering a plan to close four fire stations. the stations slated foreclosure are in walnut creek clayton and lafayette. it comes after a month of voters rejected measure q. they would have funned the four stations. san jose is discussing a plan to allow employees to shoot at birds near runways. it would allow employees to shoot at flocks of birds. 180 bird strikes have been
5:39 am
reported at the airport since 2009. many people have died due to collisions with birds since 1990. and drones are creating concerns over privacy. what they plan to do in response with civil liberty, stay tuned. and tara, do you have delays to tell people about? well, we are doing well and muni is backup and running and it is just completely back to normal. so that is the good news. you can see in san jose we have a traffic hazards on 101 due to a large dear in the roadway and it is blocking one of the lanes so be careful. 880 near the coliseum is flowing nicely in both
5:40 am
directions and you can see a little bit of blocking. not too bad, here is steve. mr. drizzle is here and up towards ukiah, it will stay there and drift and this system does not have the punch we had over the weekend. light rain to the north, now there could be some misty drizzle and light rain could pick up later but this is nothing like what we had on sunday. clouds increase throughout the tie and then we dip south into wednesday morning. an inch or an inch and a 10 is moving to cape mendocino. up towards clear lake, lakeport, ukiah is reporting light rain and in the north as
5:41 am
well. much warmer on the lows, 50s instead of the upper 30s we had for many yesterday. now this is very much of a warm sector coming in advance of that. the low back here will do that even though again, it is the weakest of all four systems. very low to the north, there is no went advisories. upper 50s and 60s and i think gilroy with that southeast wind and san jose as well, milder to the south, and rain will not arrive. there will be night and morning fog and lot of it, as we go into the weekend, a cooler pattern will take over sunday of next week. supervisors meeting tonight may be a real eye opener and the focus will be on nude
5:42 am
people. >> if you were the man of honor, we would be calling him chief. killed in the line of duty, we have information on the suspect in the case. here is a look at san jose, traffic is moving nicely and we will have more traffic updates, stay tuned. w
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. good morning cloudy skies, we have a cloudy day, some rain will make it to the north bay and again nothing like we had over the weekend. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, right now 5:43 in san francisco, underground muni service is up, it is running this morning after the entire system was shut down overnight.
5:45 am
crews worked owl night to fix -- worked all night to fix it after it stopped work with last night's commute. one lane is open between lamar boulevard and pacifica, starting 9:00 this morning. the state department of transportation says the lane closures are needed and they want to prevent any further erosion before the rain hits. and the republican plan does not call for tax hikes on upper income americans and that's something president barack obama says has to be included in any deal. two mexican nationals have been charged in the death of a coast guard officer. he was in a small boat when it was rammed by a suspected drug
5:46 am
smuggling boat off the coast. the impact threw him and his co- worker into the water. yesterday coast guard officers from marina to marina delray remembered him. >> he was the best ship mate, he was a friend and a big brother to us all and absolutely irreplaceable. >> horn is survived by his wife and young son and they will be back in court december 17th. a bomb in afghanistan has killed two nato troops. they say it happened yesterday in southern afghanistan and they didn't give us any details on the exact location or even the names of the soldiers killed. there had been at least 84 shoulders killed in afghanistan this year and most of them were americans. military appeals court has removed the judge in the fort hood shooting case.
5:47 am
they ruled yesterday that kernel gregory gross -- gregory gross was thrown out and forcibly shaved. now he is facing the death penalty in the 2009 shootings. today the board of supervisors will take a final vote on the nudity ban. several people stripped off their clothes to show their displeasure with the ban when the first vote was taken back on november 20th, nudity is prohibited in other public spaces with exception for parades and festival. they challenge the use of surveillance drones. they recently applied for a
5:48 am
grant to buy a drone and the sheriff's office said it will be used for rescue mission and s.w.a.t. operations. they will release documents showing they intend to use it to spy on people. they will have fewer places to light up in pet loam. they produced a strong -- smoking ordinance in petaluma like restaurant places and public events. it expands petaluma's smoking bans in all common areas and housing units and this takes affect early next year. kate middleton is expecting. the dutches was admitted to the hospital dealing with a severe case of morning sickness. coming up, speculation on what other women will do as a possible trend knew the royal baby is on the way.
5:49 am
let's check in with tara right now. there is a lot to talk about but still things are getting a little better? a muni is back to -- muni is up and running, allie rasmus has been out there all the way passed devils slide because they have a weak spot they need to reenforce out there on a hillside. highway through bay point, you can see the headlights with some traffic towards interstate 8080 and -- 880 and concord. you can see a little bit of backup and the metering lights should be going on in the next 15 to 20 minutes and give yourself extra time if you can't get out the door until then. westbound traffic towards sunny veil, no delays just yet. up towards mendocino
5:50 am
county, they will make it into the north bay and they are not expecting any whopper of totals. cloud cover will continue and san jose may have to wait a long time before that rain picks up and carrying that rain gear just to be safe, there is some gear close. north of santa rosa through most of the morning, a lot of this is staying north. it may make it to marin, but we have to wait for that front to arrive, we juiced things up and the front still has a ways to go and begins to move in tonight and late tomorrow. this is not a big system. we will get through this one just fine but already saturated soil needs to be watched. already rain is beginning to pick up into mendocino county and it is quiet in the north
5:51 am
bay, light rain and nothing that is showing up on radar yet. low 40s and there is a cloud cover in the southeast breeze. this low is heading towards us. so it is a warm system. cloudy, light rain to the north, rain will pick up tonight and there is a 10th of an inch, heavier amounts north of santa rosa and calistoga maybe mid-60s. normal highs this time of year, we will be near that. we will have a lot of fog to deal with and it looks like the wind picks up in a cooler pattern sunday. they are cutting nearly half of its workforce. they are eliminating 43 jobs leaving them with 64 employees. they are stopping their brain cancer program and instead they will work on developing another caer drug.
5:52 am
they are getting a $100 bonus. they earned it after succeeding goals international flights landed on time 81% of the time and united said its day flights arrived on schedule and that's the second best in almost five years. they are hoping a name change will help boost sales. the 97-year-old is returning to the name lincoln motor company. ford is develop being the ad and they are hiring a person for the company's new pitch man. money is waiting to be picked up and we have information on how you can find out if some of that money is yours. we have encouraging news about california, stay tuned.
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. time now 5:55, a powerful
5:56 am
storm in the philippines has killed 33 people. air travel is suspended. major land slides are reported. more than 50 thou thousand people have -- 50,000 people were evacuated from a deadly storm just a year ago. the dutches of cambridge is pregnant. we will take you live in front of the london hospital where kate middleton was admitted and she was admitted for an acute case of morning sickness. prince william arrived to spend the day with the dutches and she is expected to stay there for several days. this is possibly igniting a new trend. >> there will be lots and lots of pregnant ladies in the next nine months but you could see them as trailblazers. they have not yet confirmed
5:57 am
this but only that she has not reaped the 12 -- reached the 12 we can mark. there is sporadic flu activity in california so far and doctors still say get your flu shot. kaiser has given out more than million flu shots. the numbers show every week 36,000 people die in the u.s. pause of flu -- because of flu pill necessaries. -- illnesses. the checks are said to range up to $35,000. to see if you have anyone claimed money, go to our website and click on links to the tax board. how are we looking for our commute, tara? we are looking great, a lot of green arrows and that's good
5:58 am
news. let's look at highway 24, this is lafayette and a lot of people are on the roadways and really as you make your way towards the caldecott tunnel. southbound as you drive towards fremont, again no delays to speak of. 5:57 let's head back to the desk. delays on only 2. what police found when responding to an early morning burglary call. also this, an early morning house fire in sonoma county. >> would we have win and rain expected, your forecast is expected in about two minutes.
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